Best Steakhouses in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is a big city rich in history, culture, and flavor. If you happen to be in Atlanta and are looking to indulge in a mouth-watering steak, then we have the best options for you to consider.

Whether you are looking for a steakhouse with a French twist like Marcel or are looking for a New Orleans influence like C.Ellet’s, there is something for everyone. When it comes to steakhouses, Atlanta serves them up.

If you are on the hunt for the ultimate Tomahawk, New York Strip, Porterhouse, Wagyu, or Bone-In Filet – we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at the best steakhouses in Atlanta and weigh them up to see who stands out from the pack.


Marcel opened in 2015 in Atlanta’s Westside Provisions District. This steakhouse is named after iconic French fighter and romantic Marcel Cerdan.

If you’re looking for a quality steakhouse with a French twist, then Marcel’s definitely packs a punch. Let’s see how Marcel’s stacks up in our scorecard.

Ethically Sourced Steaks are sourced from premium Chicago butcher, Meats by Linz. This beef is 100% black hide Angus sourced from the corn bled region of the Midwest.  
Beef Grades Featuring USDA steak cuts.
There is only one steak listed on the menu as dry-aged. That is the Cote de Boeuf steak. Although other steaks on the menu do not mention dry-aging, Meats by Linz does wet age their steaks for a minimum of 21 days.  
Butcher Chicago based butcher, Meats by Linz cuts all steaks.
Menu Marcel’s menu has a heavy French/European influence with French Onion Soup, Caviar, Crème Brulee, and Bearnaise sauce on the menu.  
Service A la carte and private dining available.
Beverages Cigar menu with Brandy, Scotch, and Rum. Local and international beers. Hand-crafted cocktails.

An extensive award-winning wine list with wines sourced from French regions such as Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Loire Valley. There are also wines from local vineyards in Sonoma Coast and Eola-Amity Hills regions. However, if you have a favorite wine, you can BYO and pay a corkage fee per person (min. 2 diners).
Price Range Expensive ($$$$)
Atmosphere A very masculine classic Chicago-style steakhouse feel with maroon leather booths, painted brick walls, and boxing gloves as decorative wall features.
Online   Reputation After assessing 3468 online ratings across four platforms, Marcel ranked as A.

Marcel website, 1170 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30318, 404-665-4555

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Hal’s “The Steakhouse”

Hal’s is a New Orleans inspired steakhouse which opened its doors thirty years ago. Hal’s offers a relaxed dining experience and welcomes diners from all walks of life.

Whether you are dining with your family, friends, or colleagues, there’s something for everyone at Hal’s. Let’s see why this institution has stood the test of time.

Ethically Sourced Not specified.
Beef Grades Featuring USDA Prime steak on the menu.
Not specified.   
ButcherNot specified.
Menu Hal’s menu features New Orleans and traditional steakhouse dishes. Some of the notable New Orleans dishes include Louisiana Gumbo, Trout with Crabmeat, and Shrimp Remoulade.

More traditional steakhouse menu items include Caesar Salad, rack of lamb, roast chicken, onion rings, steamed broccoli, and sautéed onions.  
Service A la carte and private dining available. Complimentary valet.
Beverages Speciality cocktails such as their signature 10-ounce martini. An extensive 700+ list of wines from across the globe.
Price Range Mid-range to expensive ($$$-$$$$)
Atmosphere Hal’s offers a warm, comfortable, and relaxed ambiance with live entertainment. Note: There is a dress code. For example, only collared-shirts allowed and no flip flops.
Online   Reputation After assessing 5900+ online ratings across four platforms, Hal’s ranked as A-.

Hal’s The Steakhouse website, 30 Old Ivy Road, Atlanta, GA 30342, 404-261-0025

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Chops Lobster Bar

Chops Lobster Bar is an icon in Atlanta. Chops is an Art Deco masterpiece that gives its diners the finest and freshest seafood and steak.

So without further ado, save your next pellet grill meal for another time & let’s dive in and discover the hidden treasures Chops possesses.

Ethically SourcedNot specified.
Beef Grades All steaks on the menu are USDA Prime cuts.
Dry-aged Porterhouse is available on the menu. Note: there is ‘aged’ meat on the menu – we’re assuming this is wet-aged meat.
ButcherNot specified.   
Menu Chops is perfect for the “surf and turf” vibe, offering lobster tails as steak accompaniments.

This menu offers an extensive range of seafood alternatives, including Hawaiian Ahi Tuna, Maryland Style Jumbo Crab Cakes, Steamed Lobsters, Oysters, and Shrimp Cocktails.

If you are looking for some sides for your steak, the word the street is the lobster mac & cheese is to die for. Note: This is an off-menu option.
Service A la carte and private dining available.
Beverages Chops has an extensive wine list with blends sourced from vineyards locally and internationally. They even have a 1.5L bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet from Napa Valley selling for $8,500.
Price RangeMid-Range to Expensive ($$$-$$$$)
Atmosphere This old-school chophouse oozes style and warmth, featuring Guastavino tile ceilings, dark wood trimmings, art deco chandeliers.
Online   Reputation After assessing 6740+ online ratings across four platforms, Chops Lobster Bar ranked as A-.

Chops Lobster Bar website, 70 West Paces Ferry Rd, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404-262-2675

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Little Alley Steak, Buckhead

Little Alley Steak is a critically acclaimed, lively steakhouse with a retro-chic vibe. There are two of these upscale steakhouses in Georgia, with the second located in Roswell.

This steakhouse is sprawled across 9,000 square-feet and features a chic lounge and bar housing over 400 bottles of spirits.

Ethically Sourced Like Marcel’s, Little Alley sources their steak from premium Chicago butcher, Meats by Linz. This beef is 100% black hide Angus sourced from the corn bled region of the Midwest.  
Beef Grades Featuring USDA steak cuts.
28 and 35-day wet-aged steak on the menu. 38, 45, and 60-day dry-aged steak on the menu.
Butcher Chicago based butcher, Meats by Linz cuts all steaks.
Menu This menu truly has been curated to tick all the boxes. Seafood is abundant on the menu with items such as shellfish cocktails, salmon, shrimp, tuna, and crab legs.  

If none of that appeals, the American Charcuterie, chicken, pork, and spiced tofu steak for the vegans at the table. Another notable mention is their dedicated potato section. Enjoy truffled fries, potato casserole, and potato puree, to name a few.

For those with a sweet tooth, the dessert menu does not disappoint with key lime tart, upside-down pineapple cake, and cheesecake Du Jour” as notable mentions.
Service A la carte and private dining available. Free valet parking. Free self-parking validation for ‘Alliance One’ Parking Deck.
Beverages 400+ bottles of bourbon, whiskey, and scotch available. The floor-to-ceiling wine cellar offers something for everyone. There are domestic and international wines on offer to suit every palette.
Price Range Mid-range – Expensive ($$$-$$$$)
AtmosphereThe ambiance is warm, casual, and elegant. Due to its size and popularity, Little Alley has been known to get quite noisy. One of the notable features of Little Alley Steak is the abundance of lighting hanging from the ceiling. Note: There is a dress code here, so it is worth checking before visiting.
Online   Reputation After assessing 2400+ online ratings across four platforms, Little Alley Steak, Buckhead ranked as A-.

Little Alley Steak, Buckhead website, 3500 Lennox Rd, Atlanta, GA 30326, 404-254-1899

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C. Ellet’s Steakhouse

C. Ellet’s Steakhouse is part of an Atlanta-based, family-run hospitality group called Hopkins and Company. In keeping with the family inspiration, this steakhouse is named after Hopkin’s great-grandfather Charles Ellet and opened in 2017.

Like Hal’s, this steakhouse also draws inspiration from the New Orleans fine dining experience. Let’s see why C.Ellet’s steaks hit it out the ballpark for a home run.

Ethically Sourced C.Ellet’s sources their steak locally from White Oak Pastures located in Bluffton, Georgia. All cattle here is grass-fed and does not receive antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids.

When it comes to Wagyu, the Wagyu Flat-Iron is sourced from Kentucky, and Mishima Ranch Wagyu is also sourced from the United States in Washington state. Whereas the True A5 Kobe Beef is sourced from Japan.  
Beef Grades Featuring USDA Prime steak cuts on the menu. 
Dry-aged meat is available on the menu, including: 50 day dry-aged USDA Prime New York Strip, 75 day dry-aged USDA Prime “Cowboy” Ribeye.  
Butcher All steaks sourced from White Oak Pastures are hand-cut on the farm.
Menu Steak and chops take center stage in this menu. Some other specialties include their Double Cheeseburger, Atlantic Salmon, and Steamed Lobster.

Popular sides include macaroni and cheese, whipped potatoes, and roasted mushrooms.  
Service A la carte dining. Complimentary self-parking on game days/nights. Valet parking is available on Braves’ baseball game nights.
Beverages In-house wine cellar.Hand-crafted cocktails. Domestic and international beers.
Price Range Mid-range ($$$)
Atmosphere Contemporary, elegant, and modern dining experience.
Online   Reputation After assessing 930+ online ratings across four platforms, C Ellet’s ranked as A-.

C.Ellet’s Steakhouse website, 2605 Circle 75 Parkway Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30326, 678-996-5344

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Kevin Rathbun Steak

Kevin Rathbun Steak has been described by critics as one of the top steakhouses in Atlanta and the United States. This steakhouse is located in an old cotton warehouse and has a dark, masculine, meat-eating vibe that makes your succulent steak even more enjoyable.

Let’s check out what makes Kevin Rathbun Steak’s so special.

Ethically Sourced Kevin Rathbun’s source their steak from premium Chicago butcher, Allen Brothers. This butcher stocks Wagyu and USDA Prime and Choice steaks.  
Beef Grades Featuring USDA Prime steak cuts.
Dry-aged meat is available on the menu. Note: there is ‘aged’ meat on the menu – we’re assuming this is wet-aged meat.
Butcher All steaks are cut at Chicago based butcher, Allen Brothers.
Menu This menu offers several traditional steakhouse dishes, including ‘Thick Cut’ Bacon, Roasted Bone Marrow, The Wedge salad, and all the usual sides (e.g., asparagus, onion rings, mac & cheese, and various potato styles).  
Service A la carte and private dining available.
Beverages Contemporary, hand-crafted specialty cocktails. Local and international draught, craft, and lager beer. An extensive wine list featuring wines from both domestic and international vineyards.
Price Range Expensive ($$$$)
Atmosphere The ambiance has a real industrial-modern feel with dim lighting, metal pillars, a combination of dark brick and wooden walls, and black leather booths.
Online   Reputation After assessing 2450+ online ratings across four platforms, Kevin Rathbun Steak’s ranked as A.

Kevin Rathbun Steak’s website, 154 Krog Street, Atlanta, GA, 30307, 404-524-5600

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Final Verdict

When it came to comparing steakhouses in Atlanta, the scores were neck and neck.

Interestingly, each steakhouse that has scored well in “The Steak” category sources their steak from reputable Chicago-based butchers.

RankingSteakhouseEthically SourcedBeef GradesAging ProcessButcherOnline ReputationOverall Rating
1Marcel ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔A  / 3468 critics4.5/5
2Kevin Rathbun Steak ✔ ✔✔ ✔ A / 2486 critics4.5/5
3Little Alley Steak ✔ ✔ ✔✔ A – / 2435 critics4/5
4C.Ellet’s Steakhouse ✔✔  ✔ ✔A – / 931 critics4/5
5Chops Lobster Bar  ✔ ✔ A – / 6748 critics4/5
6Hal’s Steakhouse ✔   A – / 5935 critics3.5/5

It is likely that Chops and Hal’s do source ethically and have an aging process, but because it is unclear, they lost marks.

We wouldn’t mind checking out Chops. The “surf and turf” experience appeals to us, and dining in such an exquisite restaurant while sipping a dirty martini is right up our alley.

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Kelly Pettitt

By Kelly Pettitt

When she’s not working on the train tracks, Kelly is a proud carnivore who travels the globe on the hunt for the ultimate steak experience. When she’s not devouring a New York Strip or chomping down on a rack of ribs, she is mixing up a dirty martini or sipping on a full bodied shiraz.