| August 19, 2021

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Buy the best steaks online. John Howie Steak is an award-winning premium steakhouse. Now you can purchase the same steaks online that are served in its restaurant. It features a one-of-a-kind six tier steak program that includes USDA Prime, Japanese Wagyu and Australian Wagyu Steaks.

Certified USDA Prime. Choose from 28, 35 and 42 Day Custom Aged Prime Beef from Omaha, Nebraska. Less than two percent of domestic cattle grade-out at prime. All of our USDA prime beef is single sourced from Nebraska which is known for its rich corn-based diet that gives the cattle its intense marbling, rich flavors and tender qualities.

American Wagyu Beef. All natural steak from Snake River Farms in Idaho. Cross between 100% True Japanese Tajima Bred Wagyu Cattle and Domestic Angus. The cross is guaranteed a minimum 50% Japanese Wagyu Cattle. They are fed a rich grain-base diet beginning at a very young age continuing for 350-600 days. The cattle have significantly increased marbling compared to USDA prime beef. This marbling imparts a buttery, richer flavor and very moist and tender beef texture.

Australian Wagyu. Cabassi & Co. VIP gold label, from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This Fullblood Wagyu Cattle is comprised of Tajima and Shimane Wagyu breeds. Cabassi’s Australian Wagyu follows the same strict Japanese breeding, standards for feeding, and total quality grading systems. Pete Cabassi hand picks and grades all his cattle to ensure each cut meets his total quality standard.

True Japanese “A5” 100% Wagyu Beef. From the Kagoshima Prefecture in Southwest Japan. The A5 represents the highest level of Japanese Wagyu beef based on an overall quality score rated on beef marbling, fat color, beef color, texture and firmness. The genetic predisposition of these cattle, combined with a special feeding program, promotes an abundance of delicate, finely-dispersed intramuscular fat. This is responsible for its exceptional tender qualities. Smooth, rich, buttery flavor.

Simply the best steak in the world. Each steak is hand cut to our stringent specifications, carefully packaged and partnered with the perfect seasoning, and cooking instructions. All delivered overnight to your door; our steaks are fresh, never frozen and ready for your premium in home steak experience. From “Our house to yours”, the John Howie Steak experience is always just a click away.