| August 19, 2021

The Prime Time Wine Primer.Just Fun Things To Know About Wine.

The Prime Time Wine Primer.
Just Fun Things To Know About Wine.

If you enjoy wine, we’re going to make that enjoyment a bit more fun by sharing fun facts about wine. We’ll call it The Prime Time Wine Primer. No snobby wine folks here. Just wine-lovers that love to share information about wine.

For example. Did you know how many different kinds of wines there are? That each is defined by the type of grape from which it is made and each takes the name of the grape variety from which it was produced?

Did you also know that archaeologists have traced the origin of wine grapes back to 10,000 BC through evidence found in a clay pot discovered in Persia and that an ancient Egyptian wall shows illustrative examples of the wine-making process?

Could it be that the Romans brought the wine-making process to the lands that would become Italy, France and other areas of Europe? Well, that is quite likely.

Be sure to check back often. We’re sure you’ll find some fun things about wine here. We’ll also feature some great wines and some of the finest wineries both in the USA and around the world. Places you can enjoy some great wine tastings and even an exciting wine vacation.

Welcome to The Prime Time Wine Primer.