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Whether you are a business traveler or a local resident it’s always comforting to discover an exceptional dining experience where you can relax and enjoy the moment. A Prime Top 10 Steakhouse is that kind of place. A home away from home but a world away from routine.

Elegant yet inviting. Attentive yet unobtrusive service. Traditional steakhouse fare with a contemporary touch where USDA Prime Beef reigns supreme. An out of this world selection of fine wines. Private dining rooms where business can be combined with an ultimate dining experience. A place where you can celebrate and relish the company of great clients, friends and loved ones.

At a Prime Time Restaurant always expect a fabulous experience that you will want to repeat over and over again. Just choose your favorite award-winning steakhouse that is nearest you and make it your own special place away from home. See our Steakhouse Map of fine dining destinations.

Go and enjoy, celebrate or entertain where you are the star attraction.


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America’s Finest USDA Prime Steakhouses & Restaurants
Top 10 Steak Houses in America
| Eddie Merlot’s Fort Wayne Steakhouse | Eddie Merlot’s Indianapolis Steakhouse |
| Eddie Merlot’s Cincinnati Steakhouse | Eddie Merlot’s Columbus Steakhouse | Eddie Merlot’s Louisville Steakhouse |
| Donovan’s La Jolla Steakhouse | | Donovan’s San Diego Steakhouse | Donovan’s Phoenix Steakhouse |
| Bob’s Dallas Steakhouse | Bob’s Fort Worth Steakhouse | Bob’s Grapevine Steakhouse | Bob’s Plano Steakhouse |
| Bob’s San Francisco Steakhouse | Bob’s Tucson Steakhouse | Charley’s Orlando, Orange Blossom |
| Charley’s Orlando on International Drive | Charley’s Kissimmee Steakhouse | Charley’s Tampa Steakhouse |
| John Howie Steak Bellevue | Portland Prime Portland Steakhouse | Chicago Chop House |
| New York Steakhouse | Honolulu Steak House | Tulsa Steakhouse |

Prime Time Top 10 Steakhouses

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