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Ringside Glendoveer Steakhouse

USDA Prime SteakhousesRingSide Steakhouse Glendoveer - Portland, Oregon
Prime Time Top 10 USDA Prime Steakhouses
RingSide Steakhouse Glendoveer.
Portland, Oregon.

Ringside Steakhouse Entrees

On the east side of Portland, Oregon – RingSide Steakhouse Glendoveer is at Glendoveer Golf Course. Here, in this country-club-like-setting, diners may choose from a menu that is very similar to the fine dining menu established at the flagship RingSide Steakhouse Downtown. The differences between the two steakhouses are subtle. A casual and relaxed mood is prevalent here due to the golf course atmosphere.

Wines are popular in Oregon and there are no exceptions in this fine dining steakhouse. Wine tasting, wine dinners and wines by the glass are featured along with an extensive wine list to choose from. There are more than 850 labels with vintages dating back to 1961. Plus, the staff is very knowledgeable about the appropriate selections for your dining pleasure.

Supporting the superb offering of some of this nation’s greatest steaks are a waitstaff well versed in the delights of dining in one of America’s top-ten steakhouses. This is a place to revel in requesting big drinks, big prawns, big wedges of lettuce – all surrounding big, luscious and tender USDA Prime beef. And, if that is not enough, try the Australian lobster tail… it’s out of this world and awesome in size!

Both RingSide Steakhouse Glendoveer and its older brother, RingSide Steakhouse Downtown are ranked locally, regionally and nationally as superb steakhouses – in Portland, Oregon both places are the steakhouses of choice.


>DiRoNA AwardWine Spectator - Best of Award of Excellence


RingSide Steakhouse Glendoveer
14021 NE Glisan
Portland, OR
Just 10 minutes from PDX

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Reservations Recommended
(503) 255-0750
Wheelchair Accessible

Other Locations
RingSide Downtown Portland

Awards & Distinctions:
DiRoNA. Distinquished
Restaurants of North America

Wine Spectator
Best of Award of Excellence

Oregon Beef Backer
2006 New Beef Cut "Innovator" Award

Prime Time Top 10 USDA
Prime Steakhouses of America

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 11:30 – 2:30
Monday-Thursday: 4:30 – 10:30
Friday, Saturday: 4:30 – 11:30
Sunday: 4:00 – 10:00

Dress Code
Business Casual

Parking Convenience
Well Lighted Private Parking Lot

Private Party Dining
Ask for the Manager
(503) 255-0750
The Cellar Room & Private Rooms
Accommodate Up To 56 Guests



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Portland, Oregon Steakhouse

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