| August 19, 2021

Leftover Steak Will Hit The Spot Tomorrow

Leftover Steak Will Hit The Spot Tomorrow

Or even tonight. No matter how scrumptious it is, it’s often difficult to finish that big juicy steak. Besides, got to save room for dessert. You paid a handsome price for that prime steak. Take it home. You’ll be craving that midnight snack. Or enjoy it for breakfast or lunch tomorrow.

Tips and Great Leftover Steak Recipes. Mark the date on the container. Place it in the fridge right away. Before making tasty leftovers, set it out about a half-hour to let it come to room temperature. Now get ready to convert that steak into another memorable meal or snack. Here are some tasty ideas.

  • Midnight Quick Snack. Slice it up. Add a dab of butter. Broil it for a couple of minutes. If you desire add a dash of Worcestershire. Perhaps overlay a slice of your favorite cheese. Maybe some green onions. Or some sliced bell bell pepper. Put it on slices of bread. Maybe a hoagie bun.
  • Quick Breakfast. If you took your baked potato home, dice it up. Or use frozen hash browns. Slice the steak. Heat olive oil with a dab of butter. Add the potatoes. When almost done, add the steak slices. Maybe some green onions, some diced bell pepper and a dash of Worcestershire. Goes great with your style of eggs.
  • Steak and Scrambled Eggs. Slice the steak. Heat some olive oil. Add the steak. Season as desired. When hot, add some butter. Pour in the beaten eggs. When done as desired, top with chopped green onions. Eat as is or make a sandwich with toast..
  • Leftover Steak Salad. Arrange coarsely chopped romaine lettuce and/or spinach on a salad plate. If desired add some diced radishes and crumbled cheese. Add desired dressing and toss ingredients. Slice leftover steak and heat in the microwave until hot. Season as desired and layer on top of mixed salad.

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