| August 19, 2021

Best Portland Steakhouses

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Best Prime Beef

Janet D’Aprix
Director of Client Relations

Best Portland Steakhouses

This listing of a Top Steak House in Portland, Oregon is coming soon. The finest steakhouse in Portland OR sets the standard by which the best steak houses are defined. USDA Prime Beef, fine dining in all aspects of the culinary experience, atmosphere and a wide selection of wine by the bottle or glass.

A great steak house is all about the beef. Prime beef makes the distinct difference. Its buttery flavor and ultra tenderness is determined by USDA inspectors that measure heavy degree of marbling and young age of the beef. Only 2% of all beef is certified as USDA Prime and is very difficult to find in local grocery stores or butcher shop. It is mostly reserved for best steakhouse restaurants.

This list of the best steakhouses in Portland, Oregon will be coming soon. If your restaurant is interested in becoming the sole steak house listed on this page. please contact us. Your restaurant must be located in Greater Portland OR, serve prime steaks and feature an ambiance which promotes the finest of upscale dining.

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