| August 19, 2021

Difference Between Ribeye and Rib Steak

Difference Between Ribeye and Rib Steak

Many people ask “what is the difference between a rib eye steak and a rib steak.” Well, in reality not much. Both have excellent marbling which creates its savory buttery flavor and tenderness. It is the juiciest of steaks and if you want the absolute best, ask for Certified USDA Prime Rating.

What’s The Difference?

Essentially the “Ribeye” and “Rib Steak” are the same. Except the Ribeye is boneless and the Rib Steak includes the rib bone and is often called a “Bone-In Rib Eye Steak”. Regardless of which steak you choose, when you take that first bite, you’ll know you chose one of the best cuts of steak particularly if it’s certified USDA Prime Beef which is the ultimate in taste and tenderness.

Rib Portion of Beef
This fine cut of beef is located at the top of the rib primal portion of the beef and generally comes from the section of beef spanning from ribs six through twelve. Yes, you guessed it. Rib steaks are the same as Prime Rib. When combined as a multiple Rib Roast Section and roasted, it is Prime Rib. When each bone section is sliced and then grilled, ti becomes a bone-in rib steak.

It is interesting to note that rib steaks are often referred to as different names. In Australia, when the bone is removed, it is often called a “Scotch Filet”. In America the rib eye is sometimes called a “Delmonico”

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